Inspired by the clouds

Our brewmaster, before thinking about being one, went on trip to Chile a few years ago. There, he met a passionate home brewer who started teaching him a bit of the brewing process. They became friends and Baruffa, who was already a craft beer fan, started to brew some recipes at home. Soon, he developed his skills and improved his recipes.

Make it clean and simple (Mission and Vision)

We are committed to craft beer and to reaching a perfect balance in our recipes. For that, we work hard to try to get the most of each ingredient to come up with something special. We also believe that good beer, locally produced, should be available to the public; not only to beer lovers but also to people willing to try something new. We try to use our product and our brand to bring people together. We want to be able to promote an exchange of recipes, technology, culture, friendship and build a stronger community.