Our brewmaster, before thinking about being one, went on trip to Chile a few years ago. There, he met a passionate home brewer who started teaching him a bit of the brewing process. They became friends and Baruffa, who was already a craft beer fan, started to brew some recipes at home. Soon, he developed his skills and improved his recipes.

His first beer was a double IPA, our Hop-Man, which was a success among his friends and family. They started asking him to have his beer at small parties, dinners, special occasions, or just to have it at home because they loved it.

The demand was getting bigger and he asked himself if he should do it somewhere with more infrastructure. Talking to his brother and his best friend since childhood, they decided to take it more seriously.

They made some research about the market, where and how to brew and chose the partner brewing process as an easier and cheaper way to start. They started brewing at Mistura Classica, in Angra dos Reis/ RJ – Brazil in July 2016. Since then, OverHop has produced over 30 different recipes and has countless ideas for new ones.